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The application created
for the vanlife of the future.


Spring 2018

WNM 635 Visual Design Strategy

Instructor Mei Yei


Solistic is an App concept for a hybrid of recreational vehicles and smart vans of the future, for a specfic auto make. Sole is a concept of an van brand of the future. The app would be an extension of the vehicle brand. Taking the concept of RV living into the future there will be more technology integration and different types of renewable energy systems. Remote energy monitoring will be helpful to check in on your home When you have the freedom to go and live anywhere you want, there will be a need for planning destinations, navigation, energy levels, and a connection to the rest of the world through social media.

One Vehicle. One Van. One Sole.

The Problem

Vanlife is spontaneous and adventurous, so planning is usually an afterthought. There is a need to actually plan for more utilitarian needs to get you from point A to B, and to find the hidden gems and social experiences on the way. Vanlife also can be isolating and there is a constant need to reconnect via social media and find social activity recommendations on the way.

The Solution

Vanlife is yearning for a mobile, wearable and a console application system that seamlessly integrates navigation with energy and social gps rerouting. To get the best experience on the road and off, a social AI is integrated into the navigation system with prior planning and on the go routing. Unite with your friends and others so you make the most of your travels.


the design plan 3 devices


Vanlife is a huge freedom of lifestyle movement. The off the grid living experience is ever converting more and more sprinter vans into customized mobile homes. Off the grid however does not mean disconnected. This nomadic cuture is forever hunting for reliable wifi and sharing their rich travel experiences with people back home as well as the people they meet upon the way. #Vanlife on Instagram has 2.3 million posts.

instagram screenshots vanlife instagram screenshots vanlife
infographic hashtag vanlife numbers published an artice, “Five Harsh Truths You Need To Consider Before You Start Living The #Vanlife”, in which Parker Hilton points out, “Planning and spontaneity need to be balanced, in everyday life and van life. ” Therefore with even more choices, choices, future mobile living transportation will require even more of a need to plan. Solar energy is is inconsistent, increasing the need to monitor energy levels. Currently, big clunky energy monitoring devices stay with the vehicle. It would be convienent to know if your vehice is charging while you are way and at what rate. Getting caught in bad weather is the most common complaint on RV traveling and van life living. People only have a alotted time span to spend in one place, and sometimes bad weather can hinder the experience of the location all together. The target audience wishes in retrospect that they had soemhow planned and rerouted around the bad weather. Future technology is hinting at what an app or system might be capable of in 7-12 years.


Primary Target

Millenials, young bohemian 19-35 people leading alternative experience rich lives Van Owners / Rv Conversionists People that participate in Vanlife Meetups Hashtaggers of Instagram #Vanlife Digital Nomads / People with Transient Income People who live in cities with Housing Crisies Nature and Adventure Sport Enthusiasts Budgeteers

Secondary Target

Retired Adventurists, Rv Travelers 55-65 Empty Nesters, Fixed Income Single, or Married

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Persona 1


Persona 2



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Information Architecture

style_guide style_guide style_guide style_guide style_guide style_guide


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Buttons& Components


Prototype Process

Rough Sketching of Ui Compenents
sketch rough ui component
sketch rough ui component
sketch rough ui component
sketch rough ui component
sketch rough ui component
sketch rough ui component
Refined Device Targeting
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  • sketch-rough-ui-component
Refined Sketches
sketch final wireframes
Digital Wireframes
  • screen1
  • screen2
  • screen3
  • screen4
Prototype Mockup
Visual Design
  • screen1Home
  • screen2Menu
  • screen3Energy Monitor
  • screen4Social Routing
Prototype Video

Product Shot

product shot solistic app