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My Strengths

I love to create.

I love to create useful things that help people be more successful in whatever task they do. I can create projects from conceptual ideas to fine detailed graphics. I help people brand their businesses and create the material to develop their brand. My primary focus is designing websites and bring them to life to help establish brands.

I am a strong arranger.

I thrive in dynamic environments. I am proud of great performances. You know when you perform well and how if feels when you do. My performance is the creative process combined with teamwork. I can think on my feet and be able to see other peoples strengths while being able to re-organize and improvise to get a project finished.

I have a love for learning.

Curiosity is my strength. I like the art of observation. I extract certain elements from those observations. I am a hunter and a gatherer of visual information and cultural observations.

I have an open mind.

Not only do I Ask “What if....?” but “What is?”, “What May Be?”, and “What Can Be?” I see potential everywhere. I am an ideator that feeds my ideation with knowledge from all sources. I enjoy the power of words and search to find connections. I am a daydream believer, a divergent thinker. I think differently, I have a attention span that multitasks. I can create connections that have not been thought of before.

I calculate risk.

I think things through. I can back up my solutions. I am a Taurus, a well grounded earth sign. I make decisions carefully. I can take a leap of faith if my intuitions agree.


Can I help you create a unique user experience? Can I make your life and your users easier? Do you have a opportunity where you could utilize my creativity? Hire ME!

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